Snowbird #4 Race 2015 on S/V Grayling

WOW! That is all I can say. Sustained 25-30 knts, gusts up to 33 knots. We reefed the main and a had a whole lot of fun solving a lot of random issues that happened.

We road the rail in the water most of the race, one time I didn’t move fast enough and got water up my foulies and into my boots! First time that happened and I finally realized why gaiters would be so important on my boots. I’m just glad I didn’t get sucked off the boat!

Grayling doesn’t heve life lines, so the spinnaker is connected with a bungee around some hardware on the top of the cabin. The bungee snapped and the spinnaker fell in the water. Another crew member grabbed it at the shrouds, but couldn’t pull it out because of the weight and it flew out of his hands. Crew in the cockpit managed to catch it and pull it out of the water!

I got soaked half way up my foulies and got stuck between the shrouds and the head sail when a sheet broke. Loud bang and a pause and a quick tack. Since I put my legs between the shrouds, when we tacked I wasn’t able to get up and move quick enough, especially since I was staring at the point where the sheet broke. Since the rail was riding the water, now so was I. But at least I couldn’t fall off the boat since I was stuck! I don’t want to wear jeans under my foulies again!

So much adventure for one day! We were all soaked through, but we made it back to the dock and had one heck of a sail!

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