Racing in the winter! Total WIN!

I have been really concerned that I could not handle the cold, as I am pretty wimpy when it comes to anything below 60 degrees or so (might have something to do with being raised in Hawaii). I have researched and bought a lot of gear, including those hand warmer thingys. My hands tend to get cold first! To my surprise, still haven’t used any of those hand warmers and so far while I’m racing, no complaints from me!

This past race, Winter Vashon Island Race 2014, was awesomeness all around. I did manage to learn the start sequence and the majority of the flags used for racing. Now I know exactly what is going on with the horns and flags! Just need to get myself a monocular so I can keep it in my pocket to check out the flags and nearby boats easier. We started out with rain, but it died out quickly. Light winds, than strong winds, than light winds at the finish.

The best part of the day, when the wind picked up and we had to get out a smaller jib out of the front hatch. I had to raise the spinnaker pole up to clear the hatch, but the line to raise it was on the leeward side of the mast on this tack. “How the * am I suppose to do this” I thought, as I tried to just hold on and not slip off! Magic happened and I did get the pole raised! This was so much fun, but also a bit unnerving thinking you will slip, but that is what makes it so exciting.

The race ended with a great sunset and a fun finish, as we noticed a few other boats in our class so we decided that even in the low winds, we would race till the finish! Can’t wait to get back out there again!

ps. I helped to return the boat home that night, and the moon was full, bright and beautiful. The Christmas lights were spectacular too!

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