Race the County, 2 day sailing race in the San Juans

If I was addicted to sailing before, than I don’t know what this has now become…

Reign Maker is a C&C 38/40 XL and I raced with 7 other crew members! For the delivery we had excellent weather, just 3 of us on board was more than enough to bring her to Anacortes, WA. Next day we had light winds the whole day, halfway mark was changed into finish line for the day and motored to Roche Harbor. This benefited me a lot, I was able to learn a lot about being on the mast and where everything was on this boat. We had a lot of practice and was able to ask a lot of questions! Next day, the wind was still spotty, but enough wind to carry us to the finish line, finishing 15th in our class. We managed to blow a spinnaker halfway through the second day, which was quite an exciting experience!

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