Practicing safety at sea in a pool!

This past weekend I attended a 2 day Safety at Sea course put on by West Vancouver Yacht Club in Canada, BC. I was so excited to attend this course and it was more amazing than I thought!

I was looking forward to jumping in the pool with my gear on! I can’t tell you how fun it was to see what it would be like, understand my PFD (and seeing other PFDs too!), learning about life rafts, and practicing the many techniques used if we fall into the water.

We also got to try to cut through rigging, light up flares, real-life exercises in specific events, and learned a whole lot about many different safety at sea topics. Their next classes don’t start till next September, I feel so lucky to have gotten in before the long break!

Check out the course syllabus and other information at West Vancouver Yacht Club, Safety at Sea course.

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