• VanIsle 360 Day 12 – Ucluelet to Victoria: Finally some dream like weather, bringing us mostly on a steady 10 to 20 knots spinnaker run down to Victoria. 92nm, hoisted every spinnaker on board at least once, SUNSHINE, and a finish at night. I am very ready for this rest day, but only one leg left in this 2 week race! We are almost around Vancouver Island! #vanisle360 #vanisle3602017 #sunset #sailing

  • On a sunny day, Ucluelet is beautiful!

  • VanIsle 360 Day 9 & 10 – Winter Harbour to Ucluelet: That was a brutal leg. Winds starting in the 30 knots, waves up to 12 feet tall… crazy cold and bumpy, 138nm race took us over 33 hours to complete. Winds and surf lightened up towards the finish. Thank the universe I can fall asleep anywhere, or I’m not sure how I’d make it through that leg of the race!

    Huge shout out to our road crew, Ken, hauling our gear around Vancouver Island!
    #vanisle360 #vanisle3602017 #sailing

  • White Cloud line honors and 1st on Leg 6 of VanIsle 360, Port Hardy to Winter Harbour.

  • VanIsle 360 Day 7 & 8 – Port Hardy to Winter Harbour: Just about every type of wind condition you can get, ruled this 80 nm race. Started off slow, some nice winds before hitting nahwitti bar and a nice run till winds died again at the finish. Took the bullet (first in class over the line) and had amazing sunset, despite the challenging conditions! #vanisle360 #sailing

  • VanIsle 360 Day 6 – Telegraph Cove to Port Hardy: Winds up to 40 knots, 10 foot rolling waves, hail and rain, multiple blown spinnakers, round ups, a blown main, a lost rudder, broken spreaders, bent spinnaker poles… and a quick trip to Port Hardy for most!

    White Cloud had a detour before retiring to Port Hardy. Two hours into the race, S/V 65 Red Roses hailed they had lost their rudder. We were about 10 boat lengths away and stood by while the Canadian Coast Guard came to assist them within an hour.
    It was sketchy out there to say the least, but everyone made it back to port safe! Resting in Port Hardy till tomorrow’s race to Winter Harbour! #vanisle360 #sailing #coastguard

  • VanIsle 360 Day 4 – Hardwicke Island to Telegraph Cove: 10 more days to go around Vancouver Island! Strong winds in the morning, lightened up at the end of this 42nm leg. All I can say is it’s really really really really really really really cold!!!! Still smiling! 😀#vanisle360 #sailor #sailorgirl

  • VanIsle 360 meets RaceToAlaska! S/V Bad Kitty passing Hardwicke Island to… Alaska! #vanisle360 #race2alaska #r2ak

  • VanIsle 360 Day 3 – Campbell to Hardwicke Island: Great winds today! 18 to 20 knots steady, got in early and got to explore Sayward, BC. Found this old war ship being used as a break wall, with its own personal garden inside! #abandoned #ships

  • Seen near Campbell River… an airplane? Or a boat? This weird contraption flew near us!