I enjoy the company of the ocean, even without the wind!

It’s not a secret, to sail you need the wind! This past weekend I attended 2 races, both without wind. Duwamish Head Race was canceled on Saturday. The Goosebumps series race did start on Sunday, but we had only one to cross the finish line (S/V Tipsy Gypsy). My favorite thing about these Goosebumps races is that they are on a lake and therefore I could see the entire race from our boat!

Surprisingly, I have learned a lot during no wind races. There is more time for discussion and going over things, that during high winds are just not possible. And there is also more time to observe other vessels and tactics they are taking. And being on the lake, even easier to watch everything unfold without having to wonder how their moved panned out. But I was not always so humbled for less wind, I’ve had some experiences that have shaped my view on no-wind situations.

My first experience with no wind was not so much fun and games, I had never experienced no wind so in my mind I just didn’t understand! It was a 3 day trip during the 4th of July and I experienced 0% wind for 3 days. I did enjoy being on the water, hanging out with friends, and celebrating the 4th. Overall, I was not that happy about the no wind situation and I voiced this many times. Towards the end of the trip, I could tell it was once too many times!

My next no wind experience was helping to deliver a Hunter 31′ down the west coast to San Fransisco during August. We had about 30-35% wind, but I was just happy to be out on the water and I rather enjoyed the entire trip. From my first experience I knew it was possible to experience no wind, so I was able to accept the trip as it was. I also experienced 20-25 knot winds on this trip, with gusts up to 30 knots. This trip gave me the experience to know that the wind is awesome for sailing, but also can be a little terrifying when you are out in the middle of the ocean and can’t seek refuge from building winds!

I have always enjoyed the company of water and no wind does not change that fact. No wind can still bring in a lot of learning and good times! Once I discovered that I can handle no wind situations, I also realized that I was very capable of crewing on boats other than sail boats!

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