Hello world!

I will be chronicling my adventures into learning sailing, racing, and all those awesome things that come along with being the best sailor I can possibly be right here on my blog!

In April of this year, I located a group of sailors on meetup.com and ended up going out with them on a day sail. I couldn’t wait to get back out on the water again. By the time June rolled around I have been attempting to go out as much as possible!

The day sail out of Shilshoe Marina back in April was the first time sailing in many years and I felt like I was finally home! We saw 2 orca’s and stopped off at Elliot Bay Marina for lunch. I don’t think the crew understands what a big impact this sail had on me. I have dreamed and hoped and wished to sail for so long, you get to a point where your mind won’t let you believe that it is possible. But now I know it is possible!

And so my adventure into my dreams begins…

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  1. The feeling you describe is how I’m feeling about grad school. It feels so good to finally step onto the path toward your dream.

  2. It will be great to follow you as you hone your sailing and racing skills. And we look forward to seeing you in Victoria BC for the 72nd Swiftsure International Yacht Race. Enjoy our wonderful sport!

    Swiftsure International Yacht Race

    • Sarah

      Thanks Vern! I’ve been having quite a ride so far, can’t wait for Swiftsure!

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