Getting ready for sailing down the west coast

About 2 weeks ago, at Seafair I was invited to go sailing down the west coast from Anacortes, WA to San Fransisco, CA. After getting some details hammered out, I am set to go on August 17th at 10am. I am crewing with Jared and Amanda on S/V Friday, Hunter 31′.

This is going to be my first sail longer than 3 days and also to a new area, all the way down the west coast to another state! I finally have an excuse to buy some gear I’ve been putting off!

I am borrowing tether sets from a friend, so that is a cost I can avoid for this trip. I also bought a set of bibs last month so that is also coming with me. All my gear fits in my hiking bag and my gear bag. My food fit in my collapsible cooler, which I already delivered to the boat!

  1. SOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU! I said it real loud so you can hear from NC. Have an awesome time.

    • Sarah

      Thanks Thom! I am SUPER excited… time feels like its going in slow motion right now.

  2. If you’re going to be sailing off shore more in the future or get your own boat and get away from the coast, that Gill jacket and everything else will be useful. Even if you don’t use it now, it might be worth keeping for future excursions.

    Looks like you got a good set up gear. Have fun!

    • Sarah

      Thanks! I will for sure have fun!

      I do plan to sail throughout the winter and go on many more adventures off the coast, so a foul weather jacket is defiantly something I will need. I actually bought several off craigslist and ebay, however none of them fit me properly. This one had size increments (like size 4, 6, 8 etc), so it fits me like a glove and I do love it!

      • A good way to figure out sizes is to go to a boat show where several manufacturers are represented. Then you can try them ALL on to see which fits you best and has all the pockets in the right places. 😉

        I did that in Annapolis last year while looking for boots. Didn’t buy any but will do it again to confirm my size before buying.

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