• Bellingham sunsets are amazing! #sunset #travel #bellingham

  • Yellowstone is the busiest National Park I’ve been too, but at least the views are totally worth it. Even Toby after a long day exploring admitted Yellowstone Canyon and the views of the falls were worth it!

  • Playing at the beach.

  • It’s already starting to get full in Victoria’s inner harbor for the 75th Annual International Yacht Race Swiftsure!

  • Farewell, White Cloud! (Is it weird to miss a boat???) Hello, Mist aka Valkyrie!

    We are moving from Cookson 12m to a TP 52, took her out for the first time this weekend – she is a beast! For a lack of a better word, she is BIG! Very intimidated about crewing on a TP 52, but also looking forward to the new challenges and the opportunity to keep learning!

    White Cloud is in the background, they were side by side! Thanks for the pic Bruce!

  • Sunset in Fort Worden, Port Townsend. #sunset #fortworden #fort

  • #ferry #ferrylife #ferryboats #sunset #washingtonstateferry #enjoy

  • White Cloud finishes 3rd Overall for class 1 in VanIsle 360 2017! What a great finish for 2 weeks of racing. Congrats to Joyride (1st) and Hamachi (2nd) in our class, and the rest of the fleet for a great 2 weeks of challenging racing!

    Picture was taken by Hamachi at the top of Vancouver Island, near Cape Scott! #vanisle360 #vanisle3602017 #sailracing #racing #sailing #sailorgirl #sunset #vancouverisland

  • VanIsle 360 Day 13 & 14 – Victoria to Nanaimo: Wow! I made it all the way around Vancouver Island! 2 weeks of sailing, exploring, learning, and spending time with amazing crew on this crazy adventure we call International Yacht Racing!

    The last leg was definitely beautiful sailing with mostly wind all the way up till the finish and then it simply died. Not our best finish, but we made it all the way around and I’m excited to say I’ve done the 360!!! Thank you Steve and White Cloud crew for another great time racing! Extra thanks to road crew Ken! #vanisle3602017 #vanisle360 #sailing #sailracing