• Moonstone Beach Park #beach #sunset #play #sunbeach

  • Bellingham sunsets are amazing! #sunset #travel #bellingham

  • Yellowstone is the busiest National Park I’ve been too, but at least the views are totally worth it. Even Toby after a long day exploring admitted Yellowstone Canyon and the views of the falls were worth it!

  • Playing at the beach.

  • It’s already starting to get full in Victoria’s inner harbor for the 75th Annual International Yacht Race Swiftsure!

  • Farewell, White Cloud! (Is it weird to miss a boat???) Hello, Mist aka Valkyrie!

    We are moving from Cookson 12m to a TP 52, took her out for the first time this weekend – she is a beast! For a lack of a better word, she is BIG! Very intimidated about crewing on a TP 52, but also looking forward to the new challenges and the opportunity to keep learning!

    White Cloud is in the background, they were side by side! Thanks for the pic Bruce!

  • Sunset in Fort Worden, Port Townsend. #sunset #fortworden #fort

  • #ferry #ferrylife #ferryboats #sunset #washingtonstateferry #enjoy

  • White Cloud finishes 3rd Overall for class 1 in VanIsle 360 2017! What a great finish for 2 weeks of racing. Congrats to Joyride (1st) and Hamachi (2nd) in our class, and the rest of the fleet for a great 2 weeks of challenging racing!

    Picture was taken by Hamachi at the top of Vancouver Island, near Cape Scott! #vanisle360 #vanisle3602017 #sailracing #racing #sailing #sailorgirl #sunset #vancouverisland